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Fig. 4

From: Engineering Corynebacterium glutamicum for the production of 2,3-butanediol

Fig. 4

Fermentation profile of the best 2,3-BD producer strain C. glutamicum ΔaceEΔpqoΔldhAΔmdh(pEKEx2-als,aldB, Ptuf butA) as a function of time. Fifty mL of cell suspension in 80-mL fermenter incubated with 2 % (wt/vol) glucose for 30 h at 30 °C. The air flow was 10 mL min−1. Error bars are shown as standard deviation of three independent replicates. Black coloured circle, biomass as OD600; white coloured circle pH value; red coloured triangle, 2,3-BD; blue coloured square, acetoin; brown coloured diamond glucose; green coloured circle α-ketoisovalerate; black coloured square DHA; grey coloured triangle glycerol; yellow coloured diamond l-alanine

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