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Fig. 1

From: Constitutive expression of the sRNA GadY decreases acetate production and improves E. coli growth

Fig. 1

Cell growth parameters and GadY expression of E. coli MG1655 parental strain growing at a pH 7.0 and b pH 7.0 with temporal exposure to pH 5.0. Filled square OD600, filled triangle glucose (g/L), filled diamond acetate (g/L), and filled circle pH. The cells were grown in LB media in a 4L bioreactor. For the acid stress condition the pH was decreased to 5.0 by addition of 0.5 M acetic acid. After 2 h the acid stress was removed by increasing the pH back to 7.0. The expression of GadY was evaluated by Northern Blot loading same amount of total RNA for comparison purposes

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