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Table 1 Vectors for the E. coli whole-cell system

From: A CYP21A2 based whole-cell system in Escherichia coli for the biotechnological production of premedrol

Vector Reductase Origin Ferredoxin Origin
p21b_bRED CPR Bos taurus   
p21b_AdAx AdR Bos taurus Adx Bos taurus
p21b_ArAx arh1 S. pombe Adx Bos taurus
p21b_FrAx Fpr E. coli Adx Bos taurus
p21b_ArEt arh1 S. pombe etp1fd S. pombe
p21b_FrEt Fpr E. coli etp1fd S. pombe
  1. Six pET17b based vectors were constructed, each carrying the CYP21A2 cDNA, in either a bicistronic construct with the cDNA for CPR or in a tricistronic construct with the cDNAs for Adx 1–108 or etp1 fd as final electron donors. The origin of the respective protein is mentioned