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Fig. 3

From: Optimization of yeast-based production of medicinal protoberberine alkaloids

Fig. 3

LC–MS/MS analysis and culture optimization of berberine-producing yeast strain. a LC–MS/MS chromatogram of berberine produced in the media supernatant of engineered strain CSY1025 after 96 h cultivation in YNB-DO (2 % dextrose) and of an authentic berberine standard. The peak heights are normalized to the height of the standard. b Effects of pH, sugar, and temperature on canadine titers. LC–MS/MS analysis was performed on media supernatant collected after 96 h of cultivation in YNB-DO (2 % dextrose) with 1 mM rac-norlaudanosoline in 12.5 mL shake flask cultures. Error bars represent range of two biological replicates

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