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Figure 4

From: Identification of enhanced hydrogen and ethanol Escherichia coli producer strains in a glycerol-based medium by screening in single-knock out mutant collections

Figure 4

Scatter plots of mean and SD of parameters evaluated in single mutant, multiple mutant and wild type strains. Specific hydrogen production, YH2/X (a); hydrogen molar yield (b); specific ethanol production, YE/X (c); ethanol molar yield (d); specific succinate efflux, YS/X (e); and specific formate efflux, YF/X (f); graphed up to 94 h in the following mutant and wild type strains: ldhAgnd::kan (M2) (filled square); ldhAgndfrdBC::kan (M4) (filled diamonds); ldhAgndfrdBCtdcE::kan (M5) (filled inverted triangle); gnd mutant (open circle); tdcE mutant (open square) and wild type strain (open diamond). Time points evaluated were 22, 46, 70 and 94 h of experiment.

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