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Fig 1

From: Development of Pgrac100-based expression vectors allowing high protein production levels in Bacillus subtilis and relatively low basal expression in Escherichia coli

Fig 1

Map of the plasmid pHT254, different promoter sequences and the MCS. a, Map of the plasmid pHT254 with the backbone of pHT01 [16]; b, DNA sequences of the promoters present in Pgrac01 and Pgrac100, where the differences between these two promoters are underlined (UP element, −35, −15 regions) [11]; c, DNA sequence downstream of the RBS of plasmid pHT254, including the multi-cloning sites, the start codon, the His-tag and the stop codon (BamHI-Start codon-XbaI-AatII-His-tag-Stop codon/TAA-SmaI)

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