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Table 1 Strains and plasmids

From: Bacterial xylose isomerases from the mammal gut Bacteroidetes cluster function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for effective xylose fermentation

Strain/Plasmid Genotype/Property
Saccharomyces cerevisiae  
ATCC24860 Obtained from American Type Culture Collection
JUK36a ATCC 24860 derivative;
MATa ura3::loxP TKL1(-268, -1):: T RKI1 - RKI1-P ADH1 -T RPE1 -RPE1-P TPI1 -LoxP-T XKS1 -XKS1-P PGK1 -P PDC1 -TAL1-T TAL1 -P FBA1 gre3::loxP
JUK39a JUK36a derivative; cyc3::loxP
JUK50a JUK36a derivative; {pJFE11}
JUK51a_1 JUK36a derivative; {pJFX11-TDH3p}
JUK51a_2 JUK36a derivative; {pJFX11}
JUK52a JUK36a derivative; {pJFX12}
JUK53a JUK36a derivative; {pJFX13}
JUK54a JUK36a derivative; {pJFX14}
JUK61a JUK39a derivative; {pJFX11-TDH3p}
JUKx11a Obtained from the adaptive cultivation of JUK61a on xylose
JUK36a1 JUK51a_1 derivative with the loss of pJFX11-TDH3p
JUK39a1 JUKx11a derivative with the loss of pJFX11-TDH3p
36a(Bvu) JUK36a1 derivative; {pPY1-Bvu}
36a(XIq) JUK36a1 derivative; {pPY1-XIq}
36a(TAA) JUK36a1 derivative; {pPY1-TAA}
36a(HGB5) JUK36a1 derivative; {pPY1-HGB5}
36a(YIT) JUK36a1 derivative; {pPY1-YIT}
39a(Bvu) JUK39a1 derivative; {pPY1-Bvu}
39a(XIq) JUK39a1 derivative; {pPY1-XIq}
39a(TAA) JUK39a1 derivative; {pPY1-TAA}
39a(HGB5) JUK39a1 derivative; {pPY1-HGB5}
39a(YIT) JUK39a1 derivative; {pPY1-YIT}
pJPPP-XK pUC19, genomic integrative plasmid used to overexpress Saccharomyces cerevisiae endogenous genes RPE1, RKI1, TAL1, TKL1 and XKS1
pJFX11-TDH3p YEp, PTDH3-TPGK1, Bacteroides vulgatus XI
pJFX11 pJFE11, Bacteroides vulgatus XI
pJFX12 pJFE11, Piromyces sp. E2 XI
pJFX13 pJFE11, SmmXylA1 XI
pJFX14 pJFE11, SmmXylA10 XI
pPY1-Bvu pPY1, Bacteroides vulgatus XI
pPY1-XIq pPY1, Orpinomyces sp. ukk1 XI
pPY1-TAA pPY1, Tannerella sp. 6_1_58FAA_CT1 XI
pPY1-HGB5 pPY1, Alistipes sp. HGB5 XI
pPY1-YIT pPY1, Paraprevotella xylaniphila XI