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Table 2 Differential expression of genes encoding CAZy family enzymes (glycoside hydrolases, carbohydrate esterases, polysaccharide lyases, and auxiliary activities) in the ∆ pac1 strain

From: The effects of extracellular pH and of the transcriptional regulator PACI on the transcriptome of Trichoderma reesei

Gene ID Name CAZy family CAZy annotation Expression at pH6 vs. pH3 Expression in the strain ∆pac1 vs. QM9414 at pH6
47268 bgl3i GH3 Candidate beta-glucosidase pH6 > pH3 QM9414 > ∆pacC
122495   GH76 Candidate alpha-1,6-mannanase pH6 > pH3 QM9414 > ∆pacC
79671   CE9 N-acetyl-glucosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase pH6 > pH3 QM9414 > ∆pacC
76227 cel3e GH3 Candidate beta-glucosidase   QM9414 > ∆pacC
82235   GH31 Candidate alpha-glucosidase   QM9414 > ∆pacC
123226   GH37 Candidate alpha,alpha-trehalase   QM9414 > ∆pacC
71532   GH71 Candidate alpha-1 3-glucanase   QM9414 > ∆pacC
53542   GH76 Candidate alpha-1,6-mannanase   QM9414 > ∆pacC
69123   GH76 Candidate alpha-1,6-mannanase   ∆pacC > QM9414
  1. Genes showing differential expression in comparison of the strain ∆pac1 and QM9414 (significant difference in expression, with p value < 0.01 and fold change log2 > 0.4, detected at both time points of the triplicate cultures). For comparison the differential expression of the genes at different pH in the parental strain QM9414 is shown. Gene ID number (JGI,, common name and the CAZy family and activity of enzyme encoded by the gene are included in the Table.