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Figure 6

From: Iterative carotenogenic screens identify combinations of yeast gene deletions that enhance sclareol production

Figure 6

Carotenoid production of improved haploid strains. (A) Color formation in yeast cultures due to carotenoids formed in liquid cultures of two independent cultures of AM233 versus control wild type BY4741 cells; (B) wild type EG60, AM228 (rox1), AM229 (rox1, dos2), AM230 (rox1, dos2, yer134c) and AM231 (rox1, dos2, yer134c, vba5), AM233 (rox1, dos2, yer134c, vba5, ynr063w) expressing crtYB/crtI/crtE were grown in independent triplicate cultures and carotenoids were extracted and quantified. Tandem deletions lead to substantial yield improvements.

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