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Figure 4

From: Iterative carotenogenic screens identify combinations of yeast gene deletions that enhance sclareol production

Figure 4

Combined heterozygous deletions can cooperate to enhance carotenoid yields. (A) Selected representative double heterozygous deletion strains expressing crtYB/crtI/crtE. L to R. 1st row: rox1/rox1 positive control; rox1/ROX1 All test strains bellow are heterozygous mutants for rox1 and the additional deletion tested; 2nd row: ipt1; dos2; cdc40; mef1; 3rd row: atg27; tpp1; rps14b; rps19b; 4th row: ist1; ykl053; yer134c; sfk1, (Β) Quantification of extracted carotenoids from three independent cultures of the diploid double heterozygous deletion strains grown in 50 ml glucose CM-U, W. The diploid homozygous rox1/rox1 is shown in red.

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