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Table 1 Production of SO 2 , H 2 S and acetaldehyde of by the parental strains

From: Identification of new Saccharomyces cerevisiae variants of the MET2 and SKP2 genes controlling the sulfur assimilation pathway and the production of undesirable sulfur compounds during alcoholic fermentation

  SO 2 (mg/l) H 2 S (color of the H 2 S detection strip) Acetaldehyde (mg/l)
JN10 50,40±3,05 High (black) 29,00±1,41
JN17 9,00±1,22 Low (white) 9,25±0,35
  1. Acetaldehyde was determined in conditions previously defined as optimal for SO2 production analysis. H2S production was determined in a synthetic nitrogen-deficient must, at 28°C.
  2. Values are the mean of five biological replicates for SO2 production and two biological replicates for acetaldehyde production. H2S production was estimated visually once.