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Figure 7

From: Identification of new Saccharomyces cerevisiae variants of the MET2 and SKP2 genes controlling the sulfur assimilation pathway and the production of undesirable sulfur compounds during alcoholic fermentation

Figure 7

Production of SO2 (A), acetaldehyde (B), and propanol (C) by the hybrid H53-A5 (JN10/JN17) and the hemizygous strains (JN10/JN17 SKP2/skp2Δ and JN10/JN17 skp2Δ/SKP2, respectively). Values are the mean of five biological replicates for SO2 production by the parental strains, three biological replicates for SO2 production by the hybrid, two biological replicates for SO2 and acetaldehyde production by the hemizygous strains and two technical replicates for propanol production by all strains.

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