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Table 1 Gene cassettes

From: Engineering Saccharomyces pastorianus for the co-utilisation of xylose and cellulose from biomass

Plasmid Primers Starting plasmid Insertion site
TEFbgl1* bgl1_Rec1F bgl1_Rec2R pRS42H Sal1
PGKbgl1* bgl1_Rec1F bgl1_Rec2R pRS42H Sal1
TEFcbh2* cbh2_Rec1F cbh2_Rec2R pRS42H Sal1
PGKegl2* egl2_Rec1F egl2_MidR pRS42H Sal1
egl2_MidF egl2_Rec2R
PGKxyl1 xyl1F xyl1R pRS42H_PGKbgl1 Sal1
PGKxdh1 xdhF xdhR pRS42H_PGKbgl1 Sal1
PGKxi xiF, xiMidF xiMidR, xiR pRS42H_PGKbgl1 Sal1
PGKxdh1GFP xdhF, GFPF xdh1GFPR, GFPR pRS42H_PGKbgl1 Sal1
TEFXKS1 Psi_TEFF, xks_MidF xks_MidR, Psi_CycR pRSK42K Psi1
PGKxyl1-PGKxdh1 Psi_PGKF xr_MidF xr_MidR Psi_CycR pRS42H_PGKxdh1 Psi1
PGKxyl1-TEFXKS1-PGKxdh1 Acc_TEFF, xks_MidF xks_MidR, AccR pRS42H_PGKxyl1-PGKxdh1 Acc65I
PGKxyl1-TEFbgl1-PGKxdh1 Acc_TEFF, bgl1_MidF bgl1_MidR, AccR pRS42H PGKxyl1-PGKxdh1 Acc65I
PGKxyl1-TEFcbh2-PGKxdh1 Acc_TEFF, cbh2_MidF cbh2_MidR, AccR pRS42H PGKxyl1-PGKxdh1 Acc65I
PGKxyl1-PGKegl2-PGKxdh1 Acc_PGKF, egl2_MidF egl2_MidR, AccR pRS42H PGKxyl1-PGKxdh1 Acc65I
  1. *Reference [35], all other strains generated in this study.