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Table 2 Criteria and methods often proposed to characterize a strain (required for both novel food and health claim regulations)

From: A proposed framework for an appropriate evaluation scheme for microorganisms as novel foods with a health claim in Europe

Taxonomic level Biological assignment Methods Propositions for improvement
Species Phenotypic GRAM staining  
   Morphologic description The physiology of the bacterium in environments from production to consumption should be extensively characterized
   Analytical profile identification (API)  
  Genotypic 16S rRNA sequencing [15,33] Full genome sequencing should be systematically provided
   MLST (Multi Locus Sequence Typing)  
Strain Metabolic Analytical profile identification (API)  
  Genotypic Genome sequencing [15]: Identification of virulence genes  
   Pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) [20]: evaluation of genetic stability [58]