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Figure 7

From: Engineering Corynebacterium crenatum to produce higher alcohols for biofuel using hydrolysates of duckweed (Landoltia punctata) as feedstock

Figure 7

Production of higher alcohols via construction of metabolic pathway D in the bioengineered strain of C. crenatum . (7A) Yield of higher alcohols from glucose. (7B) Yield of higher alcohols from the acid hydrolysates of duckweed. p29-DL + PEC-KA: LEU4 + KIVD-ADH2; p29-DLL + PEC-KA: LEU4-LEU1 + KIVD-ADH2. CE: C. crenatum CICC 20153. Error bars indicate +/− SD (n = 3). The different letters indicate significant differences based on multiple comparisons for different alcohol products (P < 0.05).

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