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Table 3 Riboflavin production of the various strains constructed in the study

From: Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for the production of riboflavin

Strain OD600 a Biomass (g/L) b Riboflavin (mg/L) Riboflavin yield (mg/g) c Specific productivity (mg-RF/g-DCW/h)
RF02S 5.4±0.3 2.0±0.1 394.8±9.6 39.9±1.1 5.1±0.2
RF03S 5.2±0.4 1.9±0.1 559.9±8.9 59.9±0.8 8.2±0.3
RF05S 4.9±0.2 1.8±0.1 585.2±13.6 59.3±1.3 8.6±0.2
  1. aOD600 is the final optical density of the culture.
  2. bThe average cell dry weight for all of the strains was 0.38 g/L per optical-density (OD600) unit of culture.
  3. cmg/g: mg riboflavin/g-consumed glucose.
  4. Batch cultures of recombinant strains were carried out in LBG medium (LB with 10 g/L glucose) at 37°C as described in methods. Standard deviations were calculated from the results of three independent experiments.