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Table 3 Characteristics of strains and plasmids used in the present study

From: Effects of MIG1, TUP1 and SSN6 deletion on maltose metabolism and leavening ability of baker’s yeast in lean dough

Strains or plasmids Relevant characteristic Reference or source
E. coli DH5α Φ80 lacZ ΔM15 ΔlacU169 recA1 endA1 hsdR17 supE44 thi-1 gyrA relA1 Stratagene
BY14-α17 MAT α, Industrial baker’s yeast This study
B-MIG1 MAT α, ΔMIG1:: loxP This study
B-TUP1 MAT α, ΔTUP1:: loxP This study
B-SSN6 MAT α, ΔSSN6:: loxP This study
B-MIG1-TUP1 MAT α, ΔMIG1:: loxP, ΔTUP1:: loxP This study
B-MIG1-SSN6 MAT α, ΔMIG1:: loxP, ΔSSN6:: loxP This study
B-TUP1-SSN6 MAT α, ΔTUP1:: loxP, ΔSSN6:: loxP This study
B-MIG1-TUP1-SSN6 MAT α, ΔMIG1:: loxP, ΔTUP1:: loxP, ΔSSN6:: loxP This study
pUG6 E. coli/S. cerevisiae shuttle vector, containing Amp + and loxP-kanMX-loxP disruption cassette [[34]]
pUC19 Apr, cloning vector Invitrogen
pSH-Zeocin Zeor, Cre expression vector [[35]]
pKAB Apr, Kanr, Am-KanMX-Bm [[10]]
pUC-KA t B t Apr, Kanr, At-KanMX-Bt This study
pUC-KA s B s Apr, Kanr, As-KanMX-Bs This study