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Figure 6

From: Reduction of oxidative cellular damage by overexpression of the thioredoxin TRX2 gene improves yield and quality of wine yeast dry active biomass

Figure 6

Glutathione and lipid peroxidation analysis along bench-top trials of biomass propagation. Total intracellular glutathione profile along biomass propagation bench-top trials for T73 (closed symbols) and TTRX2 (open symbols) strains (A). Glutathione levels at the end of the biomass propagation experiments for T73, TTRX2 and the T73 derivative overexpressing the GSH1 gene strain (TGSH1) (B). Total glutathione content (black bars), reduced GSH (dark grey bars) and oxidized GSSG (white bars) were determined. (C) Lipid peroxidation profile for T73 (black circle), TTRX2 (white square) and TGSH1 (white triangle) strains. The mean of three independent experiments and standard deviations are shown.

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