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Figure 2

From: Reduction of oxidative cellular damage by overexpression of the thioredoxin TRX2 gene improves yield and quality of wine yeast dry active biomass

Figure 2

Fermentative capacity and H 2 O 2 growth inhibition assays for the improved T TRX2 strain compared to control T73 and T73Yep352 strains. Fermentative capacity assays on YPGF medium for T73 (black circle), TTRX2 (white square), T73Yep352 (black triangle) and TGSH1 (white diamond) (A). Cells grown for 24 hours molasses medium were dehydrated and then assayed for CO2 production. (B) Determination of inhibition diameters produced with 10 μl of 30% H2O2 into paper discs on the growth of stationary cultures from T73, T73Yep352 and TTRX2 on YPD plates. Average of three independent experiments and standard deviations are shown. Significant differences were observed only for TTRX2 strain.

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