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Table 1 Enriched GO categories for up- and down-regulated genes at 60 min after onset of fermentation of baker's yeast cells in high-sucrose LD.

From: Global expression studies in baker's yeast reveal target genes for the improvement of industrially-relevant traits: the cases of CAF16 and ORC2

Functional Group n Functional Group n
Up (423 genes)   Down (606 genes)  
Ribosome (SCE03010 p = 1.5E-59) 78 Cellular carbohydrate metabolic process 57
Translation (GO0006412 p = 6.2E-09) 113 (GO0044262 p = 2.1E-12)  
Ribonucleoside monophosphate metabolic process 10 Aerobic respiration (GO0009060 p = 9.5E-07) 25
(GO 0009161) p = 8.1E-05)   Response to stress (GO006950 p = 9.8E-05) 16
tRNA metabolic process (GO0006399 p = 2.1E-03) 21 Starch and sucrose metabolism 18
Nuclear transport (GO0051169 p = 1.2E-03) 20 (Kegg pathway p = 7.7E-05)  
RNA helicase activity (GO003724 p = 1.2E-03) 10 Oxidative phosphorylation (GO0006119 p = 2.9E-04) 16
   Tricarboxylic acid cycle (GO0006099 p = 1.8E-04) 10
   Coenzyme metabolic process (GO0006732 p = 1.0E-04) 32
   Response to water deprivation (GO0009414 p = 9.0E-03) 4
   Water soluble vitamin metabolic process 18
   (GO0006767 p = 3.7E-03)  
   Carbohydrate transport (GO0008643 p = 3.1E-03) 12
   Fatty acid oxidation (GO0019305 p = 1.1E-03) 6
  1. n, Number of genes found in the indicated category