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Table 1 Fps1 can be produced in a range of microbial cell factories

From: Increasing cell biomass in Saccharomyces cerevisiae increases recombinant protein yield: the use of a respiratory strain as a microbial cell factory

Production Host Promoter Production Localisation Reference
S. cerevisiae W301-1A GAL1 Yes tm [38]
S. cerevisiae W301-1A TPI1 Yes tm [38]
S. cerevisiae 954 VW K70 TPI1 Yes tm [21] and this study
S. cerevisiae KOY.PK2-1C82 TPI1 Yes tm This study
S. cerevisiae TM6* TPI1 Yes tm This study
P. pastoris X-33 AOX1 Yes pm [38]
P. pastoris X-33 AOX1 Yes nd [38]
P. pastoris GS115 AOX1 Yes nd [38]
P. pastoris KM71 AOX1 Yes nd [38]
E. coli JM109 lac Yes tm [38]
E. coli JM109 T7/lac Yes tm [38]
  1. Fps1 was produced in S. cerevisiae, P. pastoris and E. coli as previously described [21, 38] and as a part of this study (tm, total membrane; pm, plasma membrane; nd, not determined). Note that indicates that the α-factor signal peptide was used in the expression construct. In all cases prior to this study, total yields were less than 50 μg/L, which was below the threshold value for further study [21, 38].