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Table 2 Comparison of relevant host strains used for production of Tv DAO.

From: Stepwise engineering of a Pichia pastoris D-amino acid oxidase whole cell catalyst

Expression host Activity Reference
Trigonopsis variabilis I 4,620 U/LIV  
Pichia pastoris 7,596 U/LV [16]
Pichia pastoris 23,000 U/L IV [17]
Pichia pastoris 12,532 U/LIV [22]
Pichia pastoris II 218,926 U/LV this study
Saccharomyces cerevisiae ~110 U/g dcwV [14]
Kluveromyces lactis ~150 U/g dcwV [14]
Escherichia coli III 12,340 U/LV [13]
  1. I Induced with N-carbamoyl-D-alanine
  2. II Induced with reduced methanol feed
  3. III Additional D-methionine induction was reported to yield in a 4.5 fold expression improvement
  4. IV Activity measured with D-alanine as substrate
  5. V Activity measured with D-methionine as substrate
  6. dcw dryed cell weight
  7. Non standardized conditions used for assaying the enzyme activity in different publications make direct and quantitative comparison of published data difficult.