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Table 3 Real-time PCR validation of stress-related and TCA cycle genes

From: Co-expression of Skp and FkpA chaperones improves cell viability and alters the global expression of stress response genes during scFvD1.3 production

  scFvD1.3 vs Skp/scFvD1.3 scFvD1.3 vs FkpA/scFvD1.3
Gene Real-time PCR expression ratio
clpS 1.6 1.9
dnaJ 2.1 3.0
fkpB 1.6 1.7
grpE 1.8 1.4
hslR 2.2 2.5
ibpA -1.1 1.4
ybbN 2.5 2.4
sdhB -2.1 -2.7
sdhD -2.5 -2.6
sucD -2.5 -2.4
  1. Quantitative real-time gene expression comparison of the wildtype scFvD1.3 over the chaperone co-expressing Skp/scFvD1.3 or FkpA/scFvD1.3 cells. Seven upregulated stress-related genes and three down-regulated TCA cycle genes from the microarray were validated with real-time PCR.