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Table 2 Percentage of calculated secondary structures of ferm-flavoHb and flask-flavoHb

From: Influence of production process design on inclusion bodies protein: the case of an Antarctic flavohemoglobin

  Estimation of protein secondary structure from CD spectra by K2d
  ferm-flavoHb flask-flavoHb
α-helix 46% 39%
β-sheets 23% 17%
random coil 31% 44%
  1. Percentage of secondary structures was calculated from CD data spectra by K2d software (Merelo, Andrade). K2d offers an algorithm for the estimation of the percentages of protein secondary structure from UV circular dichroism spectra using a Kohonen neural network
  2. In case of ferm-flavoHb secondary structure prediction, the program has given a maximum error of 0.080. The maximum error obtained for flask-flavoHb secondary structure prediction is 0.085. This means that the sum of the errors in the prediction of the alpha, beta and random percentage values divided by three is expected to be less then 0.085. In both cases the error values are below the threshold maximal error 0.227. Maximal errors above this value indicate that the result given by the network prediction is not reliable.