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Table 1 HRPL selected mutants generated by IvAM

From: Evolving thermostability in mutant libraries of ligninolytic oxidoreductases expressed in yeast

Mutant Amino acid Substitution Nucleotide change Mutation type Location Secondary structure motif Distance to the T1 Site (Å) Distance to the T2/T3 (Å)
6C8 N23K AAC 69AAA Tv Pro-leader    
  G62G 6GGG 186GGA11 Ts Pro-leader    
5H12 V80L G TA238C TA Tv Pro-leader    
  S244S 8TCG 1005TCC14 Tv Mature protein    
10B1 A13V GC A38GT A Ts Pre-leader    
  I33T AT T98AC T Ts Pro-leader    
  A185A 21GCT 828GCC13 Ts Mature protein    
16B10 A361T G CG1354A CG Ts Mature protein loop 23 21
  P395P 7CCC 1458CCT13 Ts Mature protein    
  S482L TC G1718TT G Ts Mature protein sheet 34 24
  1. Synonymous mutations are underlined; nucleotide change is highlighted in bold; subscript numbers on codons indicate codon usage. Tv, transversions; Ts, transitions.