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Table 3 Phylogenetic identification of isolates obtained from ENZ-G1 and ENZ-G2 consortia

From: Characterization of two diesel fuel degrading microbial consortia enriched from a non acclimated, complex source of microorganisms

Consortium Isolate Closest Relative [GenBank Accession number] Identity
ENZ-G1 & ENZ-G2 ENZ1 Acinetobacter baumannii DSM 30007 (T) [X81660] 100%
ENZ-G1 & ENZ-G2 ENZ2 Chryseobacterium taichungense strain CC-TWGS1-8 [AJ843132] 98%
ENZ-G1 & ENZ-G2 ENZ3 Alcaligenes sp. NyZ215 [EF540877] 100%
ENZ-G1 & ENZ-G2 ENZ4 Pseudomonas stutzeri strain SA1 [DQ059546] 99%
ENZ-G1 & ENZ-G2 ENZ6 Stenotrophomonas acidiminiphila strain D3 [EU301768] 99%
ENZ-G2 ENZ7 Gordonia amicalis Type strain IEGM [AF101418] 100%
ENZ-G1 & ENZ-G2 ENZ8 Trametes gibbosa strain 911030 [EU1620578] 100%