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Figure 3

From: Selectively improving nikkomycin Z production by blocking the imidazolone biosynthetic pathway of nikkomycin X and uracil feeding in Streptomyces ansochromogenes

Figure 3

Insertional inactivation of sanP and analysis of nikkomycin production. (A) Diagram of sanP gene disruption in S. ansochromogenes TH322. A kanamycin antibiotic resistance cassette was inserted into the Bam HI site of sanP. (B) Bioassay and HPLC analysis of nikkomycin production. X, nikkomycin X; Z, nikkomycin Z; 1, culture filtrates from TH322; 2, culture filtrates from sanPDM; 3, culture filtrates from the complementary strain; 4, culture filtrates from sanPDM feeding with 2 g/L uracil. The strains were inoculated in liquid SP medium for 144 h.

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