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Figure 2

From: Rare codon content affects the solubility of recombinant proteins in a codon bias-adjusted Escherichia coli strain

Figure 2

Protein expression in whole lysates. SDS-PAGE and Western blots of total cell proteins. BL uninduced and induced cultures: lane 1 and 2. CP uninduced and induced cultures: lane 3 and 4. Each coding sequence product is marked with a red arrow. Numbers below each blot indicate the fold increase in protein expression in the CP strain compared with the BL strain. The polyacrylamide percentage of each gel was as follow: 10% ClpC2 and ClpD, 12% FNR, ClpP4 and ClpR2 and 15% Fd, ClpT1, dsRBD2 and Trx. To fulfil linearity and detection limits for the inmunodetection method, a fraction of sample loaded in Coomassie Blue stained gels were loaded in Western blots as follows: Fd and FNR (lane 4), 20%; ClpC2, ClpD and dsRBD2 (lane 2), 20%; ClpC2, ClpD, ClpR2 and dsRBD2 (lane 4), 10%.

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