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Table 1 Biochemical tests of the isolated strain Stenotrophomonas maltophila AuRed02

From: A novel bacterial isolate Stenotrophomonas maltophilia as living factory for synthesis of gold nanoparticles

Gram staining Negative
Catalase test Positive
Citrate test Positive
Oxidase test Negative
Glucose o/f test Negative
Methyl red test Negative
Gelatin test Positive
Carbohydrate utilization tests  
Adonitol Negative
Arabinose Negative
Cellobiose Positive
Dextrose Positive
Fructose Negative
Galactose Negative
Inositol Negative
Inulin Negative
Lactose Negative
Maltose Positive
Mannitol Negative
Mannose Negative
Rhamnose Negative
Salicin Positive
Sorbitol Negative
Sucrose Positive
Trehalose Positive
Xylose Negative