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Table 2 Expression plasmids for T. maritima 6PGDH with or without the tags

From: Overexpression and simple purification of the Thermotoga maritima 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in Escherichia coli and its application for NADPH regeneration

Plasmid Modular organization Molecular mass
pET-trx-wt6pgdh Trx-WT6PGDH 66, 634 Da
pET-ci-wt6pgdh CBM-intein-WT6PGDH 91, 187 Da
pET-ci-co6pgdh CBM-intein-CO6PGDH 91, 187 Da
pET-co6pgdh-his CO6PGDH-(His)6 53, 975 Da
pET-co6pgdh CO6PGDH 53, 152 Da