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Figure 3

From: OpenFLUX: efficient modelling software for 13C-based metabolic flux analysis

Figure 3

Flux distributions for a simplified TCA cycle model as described in the text and Appendix. Fluxes were calculated using OpenFLUX (top values) and the cumomer package 13C-FLUX [22] (bottom values). The absolute forward fluxes are displayed in the circles. The free fluxes (R2, R8, R9) and their 95% CI (generated by OpenFLUX) are displayed in the rectangular boxes. Full arrowhead: forward flux. Line arrowhead: reverse flux. All reactions are unidirectional except for the SUC↔OAA reaction. Suffix: _B, biomass drain; _EX, exo-metabolites. Metabolites: PYR, pyruvate; ACCOA, acetyl-CoA; CIT, citrate/isocitrate; AKG, α-ketoglutarate; SUC, succinate; OAA, malate/oxaloacetate; GLU, glutamate. Reactions: R1, pyruvate uptake; R2, glutamate take; R3, pyruvate dehydrogenase; R4, citrate synthase; R5, iso-citrate dehydrogase; R6, α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase & succinyl-CoA hydrolase; R7/R8; fumarate hydratase & malate dehydrogenase; R9, malic enzyme; R10, pyruvate carboxylase; R11/R12, oxidative phosphorylation; R13, oxygen uptake; R14, CO2 evolution; R15, ATP maintenance; R16, pyruvate biomass drain; R17, α-ketoglutarate biomass drain; R18, oxaloacetate biomass drain.

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