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Figure 3

From: Identification of potentially safe promising fungal cell factories for the production of polyketide natural food colorants using chemotaxonomic rationale

Figure 3

Chromatograms of rugulovasine A and B and pigment extracts of Penicillium aculeatum. The extracted ion chromatograms (m/z 269.12) of standard rugulovasine A and B and pigment extracts of P. aculeatum IBT 14259 grown on 5 different solid agar media depict the absence of rugulovasine A and B with its mass spectrum. 3A, standard rugulovasine A and B; 3B, pigment extract from YES; 3C, pigment extract from PD; 3D, pigment extract from OAT; 3E, pigment extract from MEA; 3F, pigment extract from CYA.

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