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Table 3 Kinetic parameters for batch cultures of B. subtilis CH1 and CH1 alsS- grown in LB medium supplemented with glucose (20 g/L).

From: Homolactic fermentation from glucose and cellobiose using Bacillus subtilis

B. subtilis strain a XMAX
b qS
(gS/gDCW *h)
b qP
(gP/gDWC *h)
c qS
(gS/gDCW *h)
c qP
(gP/gDCW *h)
CH1 0.66 0.34 1.79 2.29 0.52 0.47 6
CH1 alsS- 0.62 0.32 1.99 2.63 0.51 0.56 0
  1. a Maximum biomass obtained at the end of exponential growth.
  2. qS: specific rate of sugar consumption.
  3. qP: Specific rate of L-lactate production
  4. b During the exponential growth.
  5. c During the stationary growth.