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Figure 1

From: Optimization of physical factors affecting the production of thermo-stable organic solvent-tolerant protease from a newly isolated halo tolerant Bacillus subtilis strain Rand

Figure 1

Phylogenetic position of strain Rand with other bacteria. The members of bacteria used include Bacillus malacitensis CECT 5687; Bacillus axarquiensis LMG 22476; Bacillus malacintesis LMG 22477; Brevibacterium halotolerans;Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii BCRC 10447;Bacillus subtilis CCM 1999; Bacillus subtilis AU30; Bacillus subtilis isolate KCM-RG5; Bacillus subtilis isolate C10-1. Phylogenetic tree was inferred by using the neighbour-joining methods. The software package MEGA 4 was used for analysis.

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