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Figure 4

From: Metabolic engineering for improving anthranilate synthesis from glucose in Escherichia coli

Figure 4

Fermentor cultures of E. coli W3110 trpD9923 derivative strains for the production of anthranilate. (a) Growth curves, (b) glucose consumption, and (c) anthranilate production. (filled circle) W3110 trpD9923; (open circle) W3110 trpD9923 PTS-; (filled square) W3110 trpD9923 PTS-/pv5Glk5GalP; (X) W3110 trpD9923/pJLBaroGfbr; (open triangle) W3110 trpD9923/pJLBaroGfbrtkt A; (open square) W3110 trpD9923 PTS-/pJLBaroGfbrtkt A; (filled triangle) W3110 trpD9923 PTS-/pv5Glk5GalP/pJLBaroGfbrtkt A. Graphs show results from the mean of the duplicate experiments.

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