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Figure 3

From: Altering the ribosomal subunit ratio in yeast maximizes recombinant protein yield

Figure 3

The yTHC BMS1 strain, which produces the highest yields of Fps1, can also be used to improve the functional yield of other proteins. (A) Binding of ZM241385 on yeast membranes producing the G-protein coupled receptor, hA2aR is shown for duplicate determinations. Error bars represent the standard deviation (n = 2). Also shown are the Kd (nM) and Bmax (pmol receptor/mg protein) values with standard deviation given in parentheses (n = 2). (B) The yTHCBMS1 strain (grey bars) improves the functional yield of green fluorescent protein by a factor of 2 over wild-type (white bars). Error bars represent the standard deviation (n = 3). Shown is the total GFP yield from a 50 mL culture of OD600 1.0.

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