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Table 1 The inhibitory effect of 50 μg/ml of the respective antibiotic was determined by measuring the diameter of the swarm colony on agar plates incubated for 1 week at 30°C.

From: Novel expression hosts for complex secondary metabolite megasynthetases: Production of myxochromide in the thermopilic isolate Corallococcus macrosporus GT-2

Antibiotic Diameter of the colony
control 20
Ampicillin 12
Bacitracin 12
Cephalosporin 13
Fusidic acid 19
Gentamicin 15
Hygromycin 14
Kanamycin 0
Kasugamycin 7
Neomycin 11
Oxytetracycline 0
Polymyxin 11
Spectionmycin 15
Trimetoprim 6
Thiostrepton 21