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Table 1 Relevant genotypes and phenotypes of strains BP000 and BP10001

From: Altering the coenzyme preference of xylose reductase to favor utilization of NADH enhances ethanol yield from xylose in a metabolically engineered strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strain Relevant genotype Phenotype
BP000 CEN.PK 113-5D ura3::(GPDp-XKS1-CYC1t, GPDp-Ct XRWt-CYC1t, GPDp-Gm XDH-CYC1t) Produces Ct XR wild type + Gm XDH, overexpresses XKS1
BP10001 CEN.PK 113-5D ura3::(GPDp-XKS1-CYC1t, GPDp-Ct XRDm-CYC1t, GPDp-Gm XDH-CYC1t) Produces C tXR K274RN276D double mutant + Gm XDH, overexpresses XKS1
  1. GPDp and CYC1t stand for the S. cerevisiae TDH3 promoter and CYC1 terminator, respectively.