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Table 1 Overview of determined and predicted functions of membrane proteins in B. subtilis. The numbers of membrane proteins belonging to each functional category are shown.

From: Towards the development of Bacillus subtilis as a cell factory for membrane proteins and protein complexes

Cell envelope and cellular processes 522
  cell wall 40
  transport/binding proteins and lipoproteins 305
  signal transduction (sensors) 30
  membrane bioenergetics 35
  motility and chemotaxis 20
  protein secretion 15
  cell division 8
  sporulation 47
  germination 13
  transformation/competence 9
Intermediary metabolism 62
  Metabolism of carbohydrates 17
  Metabolism of amino acids 12
  Metabolism of nucleotides and nucleic acids 7
  metabolism of lipids 12
  metabolism of coenzymes and prosthetic groups 9
  metabolism of phosphate 4
  metabolism of sulfur 1
Information pathways 21
  DNA restriction/modification and repair 2
  Transcription regulation 6
  ribosomal proteins 1
  protein modification 4
  Protein folding 8
Other functions 60
Unknown   490