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Table 2 Summary of parameters retrieved from continuous cultivations of trxB1 over-expression strain L. plantarum NZ7602 and control strain L. plantarum NZ7607.

From: Thioredoxin reductase is a key factor in the oxidative stress response of Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1

Strain Substrate Physiological parameters
  Glca Yglc-Xb GAPDHc
Medium 100   
NZ7607 u.d 0.12 0.623 ± 0.02
NZ7602 u.d 0.13 1.613 ± 0.12
NZ7607 + perox u.d 0.14 n.d
NZ7602 + perox u.d 0.15 n.d
  1. amM of glucose present in the supernatant
  2. bbiomass yield on glucose (g of biomass/g glucose consumed).
  3. cenzyme activity expressed as nmoles NADPH·(min·mg prot)-1
  4. u.d. < 0.1 mM
  5. n.d not determined
  6. Mean ± SD of two separate chemostat steady states