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Table 1 Plasmids used in this work

From: An improved system for estradiol-dependent regulation of gene expression in yeast

Plasmid Relevant features Reference
p416GAL1-lacZ URA3, CEN, GAL1 pr::lacZ [26]
pHCA/GAL4(1-93)ERVP16 HIS3, CEN, ADH1pr::GAL4ERVP16 [17]
pVitBx2 URA3, CEN, ERE-CYC1 pr::lacZ [30]
pGAL1-ER LEU2, CEN, GAL1pr::ER This study
p414GAL1-GAL4ERVP16 TRP1, CEN,GAL1pr::GAL4ERVP16 This study
p415GAL1-GAL4ERVP16 LEU2, CEN,GAL1pr::GAL4ERVP16 This study
pP6HEG0 human ER [25]
pRS415 LEU2, CEN [27]
p414GAL1 TRP1, CEN, GAL1pr [26]