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Table 1 Complementation test of the CP4 aro A phenotypes.

From: The expression of truncated form of CP4 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase (CP4 EPSPS) from genetically modified plant in Escherichia coli

Plasmids in E. coli strain 2% Glp 3% Glp 4% Glp MM
pKK1 in SV1TcR +++ ++ + +++
pKK2 in SV1TcR +++ ++ + +++
pKK233-2 in SV1TcR - - - -
pKK233-2 in JM106 ND ND ND +++
  1. pKK1 – pKK233-2 with full length cp4epsps, pKK2 – pKK233-2 with truncated aroA CP4, Glp – glyphosate, + indicates the intensity of the growth, – indicates the absences of growth, MM – minimal M9 medium without aromatic amino acid supplements, ND – not done. SV1TcR strain carries Δaro A mutation.