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Table 1 Summary of main conclusions

From: Evaluation of antifoams in the expression of a recombinant FC fusion protein in shake flask cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae &Pichia pastoris

Antifoam name Antifoam type Pichia pastoris Saccharomyces cerevisiae
   Growth Production Growth Production
SB2121 Polyalkylenglycol No effect < = 8% [SB2121] No effect < = 8% [SB2121] Optimal when [SB2121] >0% <4% Decreased by [SB2121] >1%
J673A Alkoxylated fatty acid ester on a vegetable base Increases with [J673A] Decreased by [J673A] >1% Increases with [J673A] Decreased by [J673A] >1%
Antifoam C Siloxane polymer No effect < = 8% [Antifoam C] TBC No effect < = 8% [Antifoam C] TBC
P2000 Polypropylene glycol Decreased by [P2000] >1% TBC Increases with [P2000] TBC