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Table 1 Kinetic parameters determined using batch shake flask cultures showed in Figure 4

From: Identifying conditions for inducible protein production in E. coli: combining a fed-batch and multiple induction approach

  Before induction After induction  
K s 0.4 0.4a (g glu l-1)
m s 0.0025 0.0025a (g glu g DW-1h-1)
μmax 0.9 0.2 (h-1)
Y X/S 0.6 0.33 (g DW g-1glu)
Y P/S 0 50 (mg GFP g-1glu)
Y P/X 0 66.92 (mg GFP g-1 DW)
β N/A 0.10 (mg GFP g DW-1 h-1)
  1. a K s and m s determined before induction were used