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Table 2 LAB as vaccine vehicles

From: Live bacterial vaccines – a review and identification of potential hazards

Vaccine strain Foreign insert Model Ref.
Lactococcus lactis C. tetani TTFC Mouse [23,96]
  TTFC+IL-2 or IL-6 Mouse [97]
  Human IL-10 Mouse [39]
  H. pylori ure B Mouse [98]
  B. abortu s L7/L12 Mouse [99]
  S. pneumonie CPS Mouse [100]
  Rotavirus vp7 Mouse [101]
  B-lactoglobulin Mouse [102]
  HIV-1 gp120 Mouse [103]
  Malaria MSP-1 Mouse [104]
  SARS Nucleocapsid protein In vitro [105]
  E. rhusiopathiae SpaA Mouse [106]
Lactobacillus plantarum TTFC Mouse [107]
  Allergen Der p1 Mouse [36]
  H. pylori (ureB) Mouse [108]
Streptococcus gordonii Antibody Rat [34]
  Hornet venom Ag5.2 Mouse [109]
  TTFC Mouse [110]
Lactobacillus casei B. anthracis (protective Ag) In vitro [111]
  SARS spike protein Mouse [112]
  Human papillomavirus L1 In vitro [113]
  Coronavirus S glycoprotein Mouse [114]
  S. pneumonie PsaA PspA In vitro [115]
Lactobacillus zeae Antibody Rat [33]
Lactobacillus johnsonii TTFC mimotope Mouse [116]