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Table 1 Attenuated bacteria as vaccine vehicles

From: Live bacterial vaccines – a review and identification of potential hazards

Vaccine strain Attenuation Foreign insert Model Ref.
Shigella flexneri Δasd pCMVβ Guinea pig, in vitro [80]
  Δasd CS3 and LTB/STm Mouse [81]
  Δrfb F HIV-1 SF2Gag Mouse [17]
  Δdap A Δdap B β-gal, gene vaccine In vitro [16]
  Δaro A Δisc A gp120, gene vaccine Mouse [15]
Salmonella enterica Δaro A pCMVβ, pCMVact A and pCMVhly In vitro, mouse [82]
  Δaro A Δaro D C. tetani TTFC Mouse [83]
  Δaro A Δhtr A TTFC Mouse [83]
  Δaro A+others GFP+cytokines Mouse [84]
  Δcya Δcrp Δasd SP10 cDNA Mouse [20]
  Gal E + unspecified H. pylori, ure AB Human [85]
Yersinia enterocolitica pYV- B. abortus, P39 Mouse [86]
  pYV- Ova Mouse [87]
Listeria monocytogenes Δact A Leichmania major Mouse [88]
  Δact A LCM virus Mouse [89]
  Δdal Δdat HIV-1 gag gene vaccine Mouse [90]
  Δ2 M. bovis gene vaccine Mouse [91]
Bordetella bronhiseptica Δaro A TTFC Mouse [92]
Erysipelotrix rhusiopatie Tn916- M. hyopneumonie Mouse, pig [93]
Mycobacterium bovis unspecified P. falciparum, CSP Mouse [94]
Brucella abortus Rough mutant (O-) lac Z or HSP65 Mouse [95]