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Table 2 Results of T-RF analyses. Schematic representation of T-RFs obtained after RsaI digestion of 16S rRNA genes amplified from DNA of samples of OMW, anaerobically-treated OMW (GAC-reactor effluents) and biofilm from the SB-aerobic biofilter.

From: Performances and microbial features of an aerobic packed-bed biofilm reactor developed to post-treat an olive mill effluent from an anaerobic GAC reactor

  T-RF length (bp)
Sample 68 81 98 168 183 274 280 282 386 392 404 414 428 436 441
OMW          94    4 2   
SB-reactor influent (GAC-digestor effluent)    80 2   1 7 3 4   1    1 1
SB-reactor biofilm 2.6 37.7    1.7   26.4    13.5    3.6 7.3 4.5
  1. The dominant (height) T-RF peak in each profile is indicated in boldface. Individual clones having a corresponding peak in the T-RF profiles are indicated below. The numbers indicate the relative abundance of individual T-RF. These values were calculated based on the peak height of individual T-RF in relation to the total peak height of all T-RFs detected in the respective community fingerprint pattern. The peak heights were automatically quantified by GeneScan software (PE Applied Biosystems), performing the analysis with a peak height threshold of 50 fluorescent units.