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Table 1 Overview of cell sorting applications in biotechnology

From: Applications of cell sorting in biotechnology

General aim Sorting target Selected examples References
Physiological research Viability, vitality bacteria, yeasts [2-8]
Protein engineering ligand binding antibody surface display [22-24]
   peptide surface display [15, 16, 26-29]
  enzyme engineering intra- and extracellular enzymes [30-33]
Cellular properties cell hybridization, cloning yeast hybridization, library cloning [37, 38]
  promoter trapping bacteria [45, 46]
  robustness acid tolerance [51]
  process related properties high cell density, low growth rate [51-55]
Overproduction product stained by immunofluorescence protein [1, 56-69]
  Autofluorescence of product alkaloids [76]
  Unspecific staining FITC/antibiotic production [78]