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Table 7 Production of various other chemicals in biofilm reactors

From: Biofilm reactors for industrial bioconversion processes: employing potential of enhanced reaction rates

Product/Reactor Type Adsorption support Productivity [gL-1h-1] Reference
Acetic acid    
   Trickling bed biofilm reactor Beechwood shavings 1.67 (120) [13]
Lactic acid    
   Agitating continuous reactor Fibrous bed (cloth) 2.5 (126) [37]
Fumaric acid    
   Rotary continuous reactor Plastic discs 4.25 (85) [108]
   Strirred-tank (control) None 0.91 [108]
Succinic acid    
   Repeated batch fermentations Plastic discs - [110]
  1. Numbers in bracket – product concentration in gL-1