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Table 6 A comparison of 2,3-butanediol productivity in a packed bed biofilm reactor with productivities in other reactor types

From: Biofilm reactors for industrial bioconversion processes: employing potential of enhanced reaction rates

Reactor Type Culture Substrate Productivity [gL-1h-1] Reference
Biofilm, continuous K. pneumoniae Whey permeate 11.70 [23]
Batch (control) A. aerogenes Glucose 1.10 [96]
Continuous reactor (free cells) K. pneumoniae Glucose 4.25 [97]
Immobilized cell continuous K. pneumoniae Whey permeate 2.30 [98]
Cell recycle, continuous B. polymyxa Whey permeate 1.04 [95]
Cell recycle, continuous K. pneumoniae Glucose 9.84 [99]
Cell recycle, continuous E. aerogenes Glucose 5.40 [100]